We engage teaching students with fundamental plant ecology and transfer the knowledge to the next generation of plant ecologists. The students can learn the main concepts and develop their skills in plant ecology through lecture classes, discussion panels, laboratory experiments and field studies mainly in Thailand. The courses that we coordinate as following:

Undergradute courses

Plant Ecology (2305422)

Plant Root Ecology (2305423)

Gradute courses

Plant Geography (2305521)

Forest Ecosystem and Carbon Balance (2305523)

Research Methods in Plant Ecology (2305524)

Current Topics in Plant Ecology (2305621)

For more information, please check on the course syllabus.

BSc. project

We supervise a senior project for the 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students who study under the program of Botany, Biology and related subjects. The students can develop their own projects or consult the supervisor for the research topics.

MSc. and PhD. students

We supervise the applicants in Botany, Environmental Science and Biological Science program for the graduate study. The students will gain research experience and knowledge on plant ecology via coursework and working on their theses. The current research themes and topics were listed in the research (link) which the students can design the projects and prepare for the discussion with the supervisor. Please check out our completed Master and Doctoral theses (link).

For further information on application, please see on the graduate school website.

The internships

For the internship program, we provide an opportunity for high school students, undergraduate students and MSc. students who are interested in plant ecology. The interns will receive a good experience working in the field under the supervision of our research group members.