Vilanee Suchewaboripont

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Completed her PhD, Carbon cycling in an old-growth beech-oak forest of

 Mt. Hakusan, central Japan, Gifu University, Japan in 2016

Received Master (2010) and Bachelor (2008) degrees in Botany from Department of Botany, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

MSc. thesis: Dynamics of leaf litter in a secondary mangrove forest, Trat province

BSc. thesis: Growth of Rhizophora mucronata Poir. In a plantation developed from cut pieces of hypocotyl

Now: Academic officer (Compulsory Science Unit), Institute for the Promotion of Science and Technology, Bangkok, Thailand


Carbon dynamics, Leaf litter dynamics, Soil respiration, Mangrove ecology

Key publications

Ohtsuka T., Tomotsune M., Suchewaboripont V., Iimura Y., Kida M., Yoshitake S., Kondo M. and Kinjo K. 2019. Stand dynamics and aboveground net primary productivity of a mature subtropical mangrove forest on Ishigaki Island, south-western Japan. Regional Studies in Marine Science doi: 10.1016/j.rsma.2019.100516

Kida M., Fujitake N., Suchewaboripont V., Poungparn S., Tomotsune M., Kondo M., Yoshitake S., Iimura Y., Kinjo K., Maknual C., Ohtsuka T. 2018. Contribution of humic substances to dissolved organic matter optical properties and iron mobilization. Aquatic Science 26: 1-11.

Suchewaboripont V., Ando M., Yoshitake S., Iimura Y., Hirota M., Ohtsuka T. 2017. Spatial upscaling of soil respiration under a complex canopy structure in an old-growth deciduous forest, central Japan. Forests doi:10.3390/f8020036

Suchewaboripont V., Ando M., Iimura Y., Yoshitake S., Ohtsuka T. 2015. The effect of canopy structure on soil respiration in an old-growth beech-oak forest in central Japan. Ecological Research 30: 867-877.

Poungparn S., Komiyama A., Sangteian T., Maknuak C., Patanaponpaiboon P., Suchewaboripont V. 2012. High primary productivity under submerged soil raises the net ecosystem productivity of a secondary mangrove forest in eastern Thailand. Journal of Tropical Ecology 28: 303-306.

Poungparn, S., Yoneda, R., Bamrungsook, C., Patanaponpaiboon, P., Tabuchi, R., Suchewaboripont V. 2012. Zonal variation on decomposition of leaf litter in seasonal flooded forest along Lam Se Bai river. Journal of Forest Management (Special Issue) 6: 131-140. 

Suchewaboripont V., Poungparn S., Patanaponpaiboon P. 2011. Zonal variation in leaf-litter decomposition in a secondary mangrove forest. Tropics 20: 1-10.



Suthathip Umnouysin

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Completed her PhD, Carbon budget of coarse woody debris in secondary mangrove forest, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand in 2017

Received Master degree on Photosynthesis and some related factors of red mangrove Rhizophora mucronata Poir. At Tungka-Sawi Bay, Chumphon province, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand in 2012

Now: Lecturer, Department of Biology, Silpakorn University, Nakornprathom, Thailand


Coarse woody debris, Carbon dynamics, Mangrove ecology, Photosynthesis        

Key publications

Komiyama, A. Poungparn, S., Umnouysin, S., Rodtassana, C., Pravinvongvuthi, T., Noda, T. & Kato, S. 2019. Occurrence of seasonal water replacement in mangrove soil and the trunk growth response of Avicennia alba related to salinity changes in a tropical monsoon climate. Ecological Research 34: 428-439. DOI: 10.1111/1440-1703.12005.

Umnouysin, S., Sangtiean, T., Sato, T. and Poungparn, S. 2017. Comparative carbon dioxide efflux rates from respiration of coarse woody debris among three mangrove species in Thailand. Tropics 26: 49–57. 

Umnouysin, S., Sangtiean, T. and Poungparn, S. 2017. Zonal distribution of coarse woody debris and its contribution to net primary production in a secondary mangrove forest. Ecological Research 32: 51–60.